An html5 Banners, display ads and video campaigns approval tool

Make the client approval process quick and easy. Preview and review all your ads and videos in one place. Leave and receive feedback, approve and download all banners in one click.

  • 1. Register / Login

    Register and add your avatar for future feedback chat with your clients.

  • 2. Create client profiles

    Create as many clients as you wish. Give them avatars and send them password protected access to the banner review view.

  • 3. Create banner campaign

    Create banner campaigns and banner sets.

  • 4. Upload banners

    Upload all the banners for your banner set and share password protected access with your clients.

  • 5. The banner review and approval view.

    View all banners in one place. Answer to feedback written on top of the banners for maximum clarification. Filter between approved/ not approved, all or single formats. Download all or some banners as zip. Adprove is a platform independent tool. You can upload banners from any specification e.g. Google display network, Adform, Doubleclick, Delta Projects, Schibsted, Bonnier etc.

Save 5 hours or more on an average banner campaign

With Adprove there is no more feedback communication via email. No more building preview sites. Just leave and receive feedback, approve and download fully-upload-ready banner sets to any ads network out there. All in one place.

On an average campaign with 2 banner sets with creation of preview pages, you save over 5 hours of work with Adprove's automated preview tool.

Before After
Creating a preview site 30 min 5 min
Communication with product owner 100 min 25 min
Feedback round 2 40 min 15 min
Feedback round 3 40 min 15 min
Zip and send approved banner set 20 min 0 min
Second banner set 2 170 min 35 min
Average time per campaign 400 min 95 min

Client reviews

  • A smart tool, and very nice that you can see all banner formats at the same time!

  • Very clear overview of large ad sets. Easy to jump between different sets and a very smooth feeback chat tool. Highly recommended.

We support

  • Google Web Designer
  • Google Ads
  • DoubleClick
  • Adform
  • Delta Projects
  • HTML 5
  • JPG / PNG / GIF
  • MP4 / OGG